BALMSHOT Lip Balm had some awesome visitors come last week! Charlie and Milo are two of our newest friends. Charlie and Milo came with their family. BALMSHOT loved giving them the chance to see how our product is made.

Chuckles and Meatloaf are the famous nicknames of Charlie and Milo. Yes, Charlie and Milo are twins! Twins with a very special gift. They were both born with Down Syndrome, but that does not stop them from exploring the world and learning new things. We felt honored to have them come by our office and make us laugh! We cannot wait for their next visit!

If you want to learn more about Charlie and Milo and follow their Instagram page, go to . The Today Show shared their story and if you would like to read about it there, you can go to . They really are inspiring!!

Thanks for coming to visit Charlie and Milo 😀

Wayne, Kevin, Mom
Charlie, Brother Andy, and Milo.
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