Abuela, can I have this for Mamma, please?? She earned it! She really, really earned it!”

These words came from Milo, my 5 year old grandson when he saw my new package of BALMSHOT® Pomegranate on on my desk. He grabbed it immediately and with a pleading look in his eyes he kept repeating these words over and over while holding and shaking the lip balm package in his little hand.

I decided to find out why his Mamma would have earned it (I didn’t think he really understood the meaning of the word ‘earn’). The answer he gave me with wide-open arms was…”You know, she takes care of me, takes me to school…she cleans the house and she always, always gives me food…” My heart was melting by then, so I decided I could let go of my new BALMSHOT® this time. After all, I could get another one soon enough or maybe, I secretly wished, my own son would bring me one later…

In this special month when we celebrate Mothers, BALMSHOT® wants all the Mammas near you to have their Pomegranate (or any of their favorite flavors!). We’ll make this easy, because we will not charge you for shipping… zero, nada on any of your orders for the month of May* IT’S TOTALLY ON US!

So take advantage of this tender time of the year and mention this promo to get free shipping when you place your order* by phone 208-323-7156 or by email info@balmshot.com.

*24 or more

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