BALMSHOT - Retail Support

Retail Support

BALMSHOT, LLC is based in Boise, ID USA with retail partners throughout the United States and Canada.  Our production capacity can accommodate a single case of product, to pallet loads.  BALMSHOT offers retailers the opportunity to provide a very unique, high quality lip balm product as an impulse and repeat purchase item.  Utilizing Google Maps and Store locator capabilities on our website we help customers find our products at your store.

BALMSHOT is packaged in colorful Blister Cards ideally suited for peg hooks, merchandising strips, power wings, floor displays, countertop displays, bins and racks. Our company is fully Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compatible.

Looking for a unique way to display BALMSHOT Lip Balm?  All of our display options are provided at no cost to the retailer.  Consider our unique, eye-catching blue jeans counter-top display…or the popular 48” tall free standing shotgun shell tube to help showcase BALMSHOT at your store. 

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