BALMSHOT - What people are saying...

What people are saying...

We really want to know what you think of our quality lip balm. We encourage you to send us your lip balm reviews. Feel free to post your reviews on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts and we will put them on our website with your permission.

I really like BALMSHOT Lip Balm. I originally bought it as a novelty. The packaging is very clever and the balm doesn't get stuck up in the lid. It has really helped my dry, cracked lips. I recommend it to anyone.

Susan, ID

In the winter my hands can become so dry that the skin around my fingertips will sometimes crack. This can be painful and kind of a nuisance. I have found that putting Balmshot on the area at nighttime protects it better than lotion and keeps it from drying out even further. I am also convinced that it helps speed up the healing process. Great product!

Barbara, AZ

BALMSHOT is such a unique concept. With its distinctive yellow shell-casing, I can easily identify it among all my other ‘stuff.’ And unlike some other products, I love the way the balm glides on without tugging at my lips, leaving them feeling soft and protected.

Robin, MO

Hello Wayne. When I first discovered your BALMSHOT, the first thing that went through my head was, "My boyfriend would LOVE this!" He is avery manly-man, and he always gets bugged at me when I try to put my girlie balm on his lips. I knew he would love BALMSHOT because of its masculine design, it won't twist in his pocket, and the formula is both sensational and protective! But my boyfriend isn't the only one who loves BALMSHOT. It's great for the gals, too! We love it!

Katie, UT

One of the coolest things I have ever seen! What I like most about BALMSHOT is that I don't feel like a girl anymore when applying lip balm. It's very manly! I also thought it was awesome that it's not your average lip balm; it's going to actually protect my lips from the sun. Thank you for honoring me by making me customer #1!

Kevin, UT

Finally a lip balm for men! The unique dispenser design is creative and fun to show off. I also like the lip balm, it tastes great. Even in extreme cold it goes on smooth and keeps my lips from chapping. Outdoorsman and hunters are gonna love BALMSHOT

Kyle, MO

Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I LOVE your product! My husband got your Cool Mint BALMSHOT as a gift from his aunt. I'm a new mom, 3 weeks to be exact, and trying to keep up with my hydration is challenging especially during this bitter cold winter, thus leaving me with dry/cracked/chapped lips. I've tried every lip balm. I've even tried using my nipple cream on my lips, but nothing has worked so quickly or at all for that matter, as your product has! Because of your product, I'm no longer embarrassed of my lips when I get visitors or have to leave the house. I'm also no longer in pain! As a new mom, I worry all the time, but you have just taken one less stress off my chest! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Nikki, NJ

Coolest product ever! Really glad you are in Cabela’s.

Jarod, FL

Absolutely love the Cool Mint. Just the right amount of vanilla and peppermint oil to enhance the beeswax. Great job!

Melissa, MT

My guy friends are so jealous of my Pink Camo BALMSHOT. I love to pull it out and rub some on their lips…and then kiss them hard!

Kami, TN

I suffered cracked lips all winter until my girlfriend gave me Classic BALMSHOT. It works and I love the 20 gauge shotgun shell feel in my pocket.

Jose, CO

Saved my bacon. Rubbed some on my fishing reel gears and, wah lah…I was able to cast twice as far. Great for emergency lube, plus your lips and dry hands too.

Jerry, GA

Hey BALMSHOT, this stuff really attracts women. I was at the club and no one was hanging until some hottie saw me pull my BALMSHOT out of my pocket. It was like a chick magnet or something. Wow a great way to meet people.

Davon, NY

Love the way the Pure Pink glides on my lips with sunscreen protection. I was unsure of having a shotgun shell dispenser in my pocket…but it fits great and I love your product.

Cheryl, DC

Your lip balm is high quality and worth every penny. Love it. Dedicated fan of BALMSHOT.

Don, NM

Bought one for every coworker in my office for Christmas. Two weeks later I got a promotion! Hey, was it me or your BALMSHOT? Everyone loves your products!

Meg, IL

Now when I go to Big 5 Sporting Goods to buy shoes…I pick up BALMSHOT as well. Super great product and priced right for the quality and dispenser.

Dustin, CA

So excited I can now buy BALMSHOT Lip Balm on Amazon. And I love the 4 variety gift pack set. Makes perfect gifts for my friends and family members.

Terrence, NC

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I now really appreciate companies like yours that make donations to fight breast cancer. I am honored and thankful to be a BALMSHOT customer. I appreciate your commitment.

Penney, UT

Got one as a Christmas gift…and now all my friends want one. It's just so cool…thanks for making a manly product.

Kevin, WA

Clever idea, great product. And I love buying it online as a gift for my family. My boyfriend uses your Cool Mint and I am glad you now have the Pink varieties for women. Keep up the good stuff you’re doing…Go Horns!

Ann, TX

My husband got your Cool Mint BALMSHOT as a gift from his aunt, and I kept taking it from his pocket. He bought me a Pure Pink and I fell in love with him all over again. Thanks BALMSHOT!

Ginger, AL

I just wanted to let you know that this is my favorite lip balm. I live in a town outside Lubbock, TX and if anyone knows about Lubbock they know we have crazy weather. It's really dry out here, and when the cold fronts start coming it leaves my lips painfully chapped. I've tried so many different lip balms. When I picked up BALMSHOT I just thought the package was cool, but now it's my favorite lip balm too! It does a great job keeping my lips from cracking in icy, windy, and dry weather. And because it has SPF it protects my lips from sunburn too. Thank you!

Sarah, TX

This product represents the State of Idaho very well. We like to give it away to our clients in other States and Countries.

Alfredo, ID