100% Moisturizing

Yes, we have the coolest and most durable lip balm in the world, BUT we don’t want our amazing designs to overshadow our premium ingredients.

Each lip balm uses all-natural ingredients. We source our raw materials from local vendors across the US.

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Our Special Workforce

BALMSHOT has a special mission to provide ongoing job opportunities, in a healthy enviroment, for indivuduals with special needs to find the fulfillment and joy that comes from meaningful work experiences. We have steps in our manufacturing and packaging processes that provide those types of meaningful work opportunities. At BALMSHOT, we are also committed to fighting breast cancer and raising awareness about this prevalent disease. As an annual sponsor of the Shoot for a Cure event, we actively participate in the battle against breast cancer. When you purchase our Pure Pink and Pink Camo lip balms, you not only get a high-quality product, but you also contribute to a worthy cause.

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