About Us

Our History

Wayne S. Forrey, the company’s founder and product inventor, contracted lip cancer in 1983 due to his outdoor lifestyle and frequent sunburned lips. After successful lip reconstruction surgery, he began using lip balm everyday to protect and moisturize his lips. Wayne became dissatisfied with industry standard lip balm dispensers because the knurled disk base would twist and rotate in his pants pockets…thereby mashing the balm into the cap…making a gooey mess. Many people told Wayne they experienced the exact same gooey mess. To solve this problem, Wayne went to his garage and invented a much better lip balm dispenser system including a firmer twist base and tighter fitting cap. BALMSHOT was the result of this innovative effort, and a new Idaho company was born in 2010.

Our Why

One of the owner’s sons was born with Down syndrome and the family wanted to build a company that would provide ongoing opportunities in a healthy environment for individuals with special needs to find the fulfillment and joy that comes from meaningful work experiences.

At BALMSHOT, we have steps in our manufacturing and packaging processes that provide those types of meaningful work opportunities. BALMSHOT not only provides the best in lip care with top quality beeswax, aloe, SPF 15 sunscreen and wonderful natural ingredients, we provide an opportunity for every one of our happy customers to support bringing joy to our very special workforce.

When you purchase our Pure Pink and Pink Camo lip balms, you not only get a high-quality product, but you also contribute to a worthy cause. At BALMSHOT, we are committed to fighting breast cancer and raising awareness about this prevalent disease.. As an annual sponsor of the Shoot for a Cure event, we actively participate in the battle against breast cancer. We understand the importance of early detection and access to screenings for uninsured women. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Pure Pink and Pink Camo lip balm to the Mountain States Tumor Institute.